I am Roniece Dawson-Bruce, a friendly, outgoing, reliable and trustworthy person who is an experienced Nanny in Paris. I would love to care for your babies/children in the safety of your home/hotel/apartment.  Hopefully, my clients’ testimonials will put you at ease with my services. You can also read more reviews on my MPN Facebook page. I look forward to being of service to you and your family.  



I am an experienced Nanny in Paris and have been offering my services to families for the past two years. If you are looking for someone to care for your children in your home/hotel or apartment then I would be delighted to assist you.

Day Services

I would be delighted to care for your children in the safety of your home/ hotel/apartment during the day. Weather permitting we would find a local park or garden to explore and have fun in. I would be happy to prepare meals for the children and ensure nap times are taken if necessary.

Live-in Services

I would be delighted to care for your children in the safety of your home/ hotel/apartment during your absence. I would ensure all their needs were met with preparation of meals and laundry taken care of during my stay. School drop off/pick ups would not be a problem and I would oversee their homework on a nightly basis. 


"Roniece is an excellent nanny for our two boys, age 7 and 9 years old. She has watched them for an overnight, a couple of days, and over a course of two weeks during the school year while I was away to the United States (my husband was home in the evenings after work). Roniece stayed at the house during the school week to help the boys in the morning, take them to/pick up from school, help with homework, help with meals (including packing their lunches for school), and help with bed-time routines. She handles the job with a tremendous amount of professionalism, kindness, grace, and warmth. She is always engaged with the boys and plays with them including pretend play, making crafts or even getting on the floor to create tracks. Cameron says he especially likes her hugs! Calum says he loves it when Roniece reads with him! I would highly recommend Roniece for any type of baby sitting/ nanny job!"

Wendy McLean

"Roniece has been a tremendous blessing to our lives. She came to our home for one week to watch not only our cat and dog, but also our school age children. Our family and fur babies fell in love with her. She walked our dog daily, and gave the pets lots of attention. She shopped for and made fabulous meals, picked the children up from school, helped with homework, and even ironed dress shirts for my husband. She went above and beyond to make sure everything and everyone was properly taken care of and always with a wonderfully, cheery and fun energy. We highly recommend Roniece if you are ever considering a nanny, or a pet sitter, she is nothing short of amazing."

Rebecca Busch

"Looking for a nanny in general is always very hard, but even harder when you are traveling abroad. I looked at several nanny services but did not feel comfortable with any of them.  I found Roniece by chance and am so happy I did. Not only was she very fast to respond she immediately made me feel at ease (without me even having to ask questions). When she showed up to nanny for my 20 month old daughter I felt as though I had know her for years. She was BEYOND lovely with my daughter, who took to Roniece right away. She was flexible with staying an hour extra so my husband and I could enjoy the evening a little longer as well. My family goes to Paris every year and I will now  always contact Roniece prior to our trip for her to nanny our daughter, as she is so wonderful she books up quickly. "

Christie Ginn

"Roniece took care of our two daughters (ages 5 and 7) on our trip to Paris - she had a wonderful rapport with the kids and they both reported that they enjoyed their time with her. She is warm and kind - one of the reviews we read before booking was that she is a "blond Mary Poppins" - I think that is spot on! She gave us a few text updates throughout the evening so that we knew the kids were happy - and then sleeping! - and we came home to find that the dinner dishes had been cleaned up and the kids were fast asleep. It was such a treat to have an adult night out in Paris and we are so grateful to Roniece for making it possible! She will be my first call to schedule babysitting when we return to Paris! Thank you Roniece!"

Sarah Block Dalena

"We found a gem of a Nanny in Paris. My husband and i planned a trip to Paris with our 2 kids (8 and 3). We knew we wanted to go out for our Anniversary for at least dinner. So I started my research. I found Roniece’s info through a trip advisor website. She had glorious reviews. I was nervous to leave my kids with someone in a different country and someone we never met. But thru our communication prior to our scheduled appointment she put me at ease. My kids loved her and felt so comfortable with her. She was so sweet the kids had a blast. I would highly recommend her."

Marlo and Paul

"Ms. Roniece is phenomenal! My girls said their favorite part of our Paris trip was the Eiffel Tower and spending time with Ms. Roniece! She was always on time, communicated with me though-out the evening, and even sent pictures of the kids. She took them swimming at the hotel, got them dinner and made sure they were in bed on time. It was so nice to be able to enjoy an afternoon / evening knowing our kiddos were safely looked after and having fun! I would highly recommend her & will definitely see her if we visit Paris again."

Laci Brown

"We are so happy that we found Roneice. She has always been excellent. We had never left our 6 month old with anyone else and the minute she walked in the door she set our hearts at ease. She was very warm and caring and put our little one in bed for naps and bedtime. She sent us updates via text, which was a nice way to keep us updated. We feel very comfortable leaving our son with her, and will definitely call her again!"

Sara and Francesco

"When you tell people you are taking 4 children under 5 on vacation to Paris, they think you are crazy. Then, you tell them about Miss Roniece and they understand!

Starting 6 months before our trip she blocked off her time for us, giving me the right of first refusal as the trip drew closer. Then before we knew it, we were in Paris and at 8am on the appointed day, there she was at our door! Our kids awoke to someone they had never met, but we were quickly receiving happy photos and videos of our kids learning to say "bonjour mommy".

We had frequent feedback on the status of the kids; she was able to corral them all to the park! When she had flexibility, she added time for us into her schedule, even making last minute changes to accommodate our changing tour times. 

At the end of the trip we received a summary of her experience with each child, as well as a thank you/goodbye note to them. 

For an amazing value, you get a lovely, friendly, kind, indefatigable person to watch your children so you can enjoy Paris. Highly recommended!"

Dawn, Mark, Marie and Terry   

"If you looking for a great nanny, look no further than Roniece. She’s been looking after my two, now eight and ten, for a couple of years now and has moved from being our trustworthy nanny to a family friend. Our children adore her. They are always delighted to see her for all the fun and laughter she brings. She’s always quick to think of fun things to do and is great at providing structure to their day. I recommend her without hesitation."

Christina and Christian 

"Roniece swooped in during our family vacation in Paris to take care of our three young children. She was very positive and made us feel safe so we could relax and not worry about our kiddos. We are so grateful and our kids loved her 🙂

Kristen Gundlach

"Roniece is the perfect Parisian Mary Poppins you have been searching for.  

Her daily rate makes her the perfect nanny for day excursions from Paris. My husband and I did the Champagne region as well as a half day tour of Normandy and she was able to come early so we could grab our trains and excursion busses as required. She was also VERY flexible and always reachable via the Whatsapp for texting and sending photos. 

Roniece gives a precise, authentic Parisian experience and was comfortable taking my children to the parks, going on walks, eating out and sharing her life with them. Her friendly demeanor and general interest in the children warmed my heart. She brought so much energy to the day. 

Many people asked me before I went on the trip, “but who is going to watch the girls?!” Having a Parisian nanny means you can blend in some ‘adult preferred’ activities into your family vacation… to me this is the best of both worlds. Others would ask “but you are going to leave your children with a complete stranger?!” The thing is; I didn’t feel like Roniece was a stranger. We FaceTimed before the trip and I read numerous of her reviews on Trip Advisor, which is actually how I came to find her in the first place. Roniece struck me as an open book. 

Also she is very busy with her pet sitting business as well, so her time is of a premium, I felt privileged to have some of it for my children."

Marina Cathcart

"Roniece is incredible. She has watched my three youngest boys (10, 8 and 6) on multiple occasions, allowing me to attend rugby games with the oldest in multiple countries. After the first time, they asked, "Mom, when are you leaving again? We want Roniece back!" They simply adore her. She is truly interested in what they are playing and gets right into the mix with them. She did a wonderful job keeping them entertained and on their routine schedule. She's truly amazing and I highly recommend her for both children and pets! My dog Dakota loves her too =)"

Sarah Hansen

"We often use babysitters at home in Australia and I have to say Roniece offers the most professional service that I have encountered. She immediately put our anxieties about leaving the kids with a stranger in a foreign city at ease. The children adored her and it was nice for them to hear a familiar accent. As a Paediatrician and a father, I could not recommend her highly enough."

Garth and Rafa

"My family just adored Roniece. She is positive, caring, thoughtful and full of energy.  I left her with 3 of my girls, all under the age of 8 in a hotel room.  They had a ton of fun and I will definitely use her again when we come back to Paris."

Katrina Clay

"Roniece was an incredible addition to our Paris visit! After spending time together as a family making memories, my husband and I wanted a night out at a nice restaurant where toddlers and big kids wouldn’t quite enjoy themselves. Roniece came HIGHLY recommended from a friend. At first we thought they would just stay in the hotel and we would have dinner there for the kids, but my friend encouraged us to send Roniece out on the town with the kids so they could have an authentic Parisian night out. We are so happy we did! My kids raved about their dinner date with her and were sad to say goodbye at the end of the night. 

I couldn’t recommend her more. My kids were happy, safe, and had a great night. Thank you Roniece! ❤️❤️❤️"

Becky Alford 

"Roniece is our family’s favourite nanny. She is great fun, reliable and flexible. She has been like a solid link in our family, making sure that things don’t fall apart when we all get too busy! I absolutely recommend her babysitting services - whether on a long-term basis or if you are holidaying in Paris."

Kingston Family

Nounou to the rescue. I had a business trip and was very anxious to find the right person who could take care of my kids' routine while I was away; different PE days, library days, homework and after-school schedule. Roniece was the perfect fit. Everything was in order, even better than when I am around. She strikes the perfect balance between having fun with kids while ensuring discipline and right behaviors. It doesn't take long before considering Roniece to be part of the family. Kids loved her presence and I am really relieved to find such a trusted person, who you can rely on when support is needed.

Nihal & Tawfik 



Day/Evening (Hourly):  €15,00 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours*

Day Rate (6 hours):  €75,00 (additional hours will be charged at €15,00/hr)*

Live-In (Flat rate):  €90,00 per day


* If my services are needed after 9pm, a fee for an Uber back to my residence will be added. 


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